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The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine is a children museum (with a theatre in the basement) located in Portland, Maine.

Our TownEdit

"Our Town" is a mini make-believe village within the first floor of the building. It includes a large fire truck, grocery center, ATM, mechanics workshop, and a lobster boat.

Discovery WoodsEdit

"Discovery Woods" is a make-believe forest and biohabitat area on the second the floor of the building. It has a large make-believe timber maching that transports wood from one side to the other; a book small "book nook," a hammock, and others.

Space ShuttleEdit

The "Space Shuttle" is a large make-believe replica of a Space Shuttle, implanted into the wall of the second floor. The site describes it as, "It's the only kid-powered space shuttle in Portland. Our space shuttle replica comes complete with astronaut uniforms and a life-size cock pit equipped with all the switches. Kids choose the flight plan - blast-off, orbit or re-entry. This is a great place to talk with kids about protecting our planet and the universe. Our mini-planetarium is also located inside the shuttle."

Camera ObscuraEdit

The third and top floor holds a camera obscura, which uses a very small hole in the top of the building, with the hole being small enough and room dark enough to allow light to show an image of the outside.

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