M salmon

The Landlocked Salmon is the state fish of Maine.


The landlocked salmon (Salmo salar sebago) is a variety of Atlantic salmon which does not journey to the ocean.

State SymbolEdit

Its status as state fish was adopted by the Legislature of 1969.

State Symbols (E)

Moose (Animal) • Wild Blueberry (Berry) • Chickadee (Bird) • Maine Coon cat (Cat) • Lobster (Crustacean) •
Landlocked Salmon (Fish) • White Pine Cone and Tassel (Flower) • Pertica quadrifaria (Fossil) •
Tourmaline (Gemstone) • Wintergreen (Herb) • Honeybee (Insect) • Moxie (Drink) • Whoopie Pie (Treat) •
White Pine (Tree)