M popham

Popham Colony was a short-lived English colonial settlement in North America. Founded in 1607 by the Virginia Company of Plymouth, it was located in the present-day town of Phippsburg, Maine, though the exact site was forgotten until its rediscovery in 1994.

It is the site of the first ship built by the English in the New World. The pinnace named Virginia of Sagadahoc was completed during the year of the Popham Colony and was sailed back to England. It was quite seaworthy, and crossed the Atlantic again in 1609 as part of Sir Christopher Newport's nine-vessel Third Supply mission to Jamestown. The tiny Virginia survived a massive three-day storm en route which was thought to have been a hurricane and which wrecked the mission's large new flagship Sea Venture on Bermuda.


  • The Popham Colony was featured on a postage stamp commemorating the 350th anniversary of shipbuilding in America.